Professional One-Stop-Shop Concierge Services

Hi, I'm Brandi, and I know that you would like to get time back in your life to do the things you love and not what you "should be doing." Unfortunately, life is too short to be spending time on things you do not enjoy and that others could be doing for you! Gemini Concierge & Co.'s professional services help you save precious time, simplify your busy life, eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks and allow you to live life to its fullest.


We offer a full suite of services to help you live your

life efficiently and with the least stress possible.

Business Services

Are you bogged down with admin tasks instead of focusing on your business? We are here to help, so you can do what you do best.

Cleaning Services

Do you find yourself stressing about cleaning and wondering where you

will find the time? Our professional cleaners can give you the gift of

time with a fresh, clean, healthy home.

Household Management

Are you constantly writing to-do lists that don't get done? Let us take care of your list with professionalism and integrity in a timely manner.


Don't even know where to start to declutter your home? Constantly searching for things that you can't find? Leave it to us! We have professional organizers who can effectively declutter and lower stress levels.

Pet Services

Are you going back to work and leaving your fur baby at home? We offer compassionate pet walking, feeding and check-in services to put your mind at ease while you are away.

Shopping Services

Is time of the essence for you, or are you not sure if you are ready to head back to stores? Then, let us unburden you from this task with our experienced personal shoppers.


Save Precious Time

Time is such an important commodity that you can never get back. So let our compassionate and caring staff help you get the time you need for yourself and your loved ones back.

Simplify Your Busy Life

 Life is stressful enough without the burden of lists that never get done. So let our detail-oriented staff help you check what needs to be done and get back to a simpler and easier life.

Eliminate Tasks

Life is too short to be doing time-consuming and repetitive tasks that you don't enjoy or need to do. Let our professional staff help eliminate unnecessary tasks from your list.

Live Life to its Fullest

Life is meant to be lived. Take your time back and live your best life with our trustworthy staff helping you every step of the way.

Our professional staff are hardworking, compassionate, caring, thorough,

detailed oriented, and above all else, service providers you can trust.


My why is right here, my two beautiful boys, Brady and Easton. These two are my everything, and everything I do, I do for them. I left my corporate life to spend more time with them and am grateful for the opportunities I was given to do that. I have always been a kick-ass mom, but this gave me even more time to show my love and dedication to them.


I have started my own business to spend the time I want with them and show them that anything you dream of can become a reality. I also want to pay it forward by giving other parents flexible

employment opportunities like I was so blessed to be given when needed. 

Life is about balance and being able to do still what you want and not what you have to.


I was losing my mind trying to keep on top of things; house cleaning, getting the kids to their sports, work and life in general. Gemini Concierge & Co. saved the day and has taken so much stress off my plate! They are fantastic to deal with and have helped with everything I needed. I highly recommend this company to anyone feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or needing help! 

Lucy Schofield

Gemini Concierge & Co.'s business services are exceptional. 

I needed help organizing my business to focus on what mattered most. Brandi took all of my direction (and lack thereof) and exceeded my expectations with her services. 

She is diligent, dependable, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. I can now breathe knowing that my business's back end is being taken care of while I focus on my clients. 

I would highly recommend this company and Brandi to anyone!

Jack Lemon

Time saver is all I have to say!  Gemini Concierge & Co. has saved my family and me

considerable time in helping get groceries, deliver packages, take in dry cleaning,

book household services, and so on!  We were wasting time on the small things

that she can now take care of us so we can get back to the things we

enjoy and our family.  I would highly recommend Gemini Concierge &

Co. to anyone; they are a time and life saver!

Stacey Lovell